Friday, February 26, 2010

Ho Baron Exhibit Opens March 4 at UTEP

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Newmanista Ho Baron will exhibit his sculptures in the UTEP Student Union Gallery beginning with a reception next Thursday, March 4. The reception will begin at 7 p.m. Union East/2nd Floor. Entitled "Gods for Future Religions: Surreal Sculptures by Ho", the exhibit will run through April 2.

Mr. Baron's sculptures are well known to neighbors. His home is also a popular stop for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

For more information about his art, visit Ho's website.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gift to the Mountain Clean-Up This Weekend

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Keep El Paso Beautiful will host its 10th Annual "Gift to the Mountains" clean-up this weekend, February 27 - 28. In partnership with the El Paso Fire Department, Environmental Services, El Paso Streets Department and over 2,000 community volunteers including the Newman Park Neighborhood Association, KEPB's Gift to the Mountain "focuses on educating and building awareness in the youth of our community regarding the importance of litter prevention and community pride," according to a press release from KEPB Executive Director, Katherine Gunter-Palafox.

"Area high school students compete for KEPB cash awards based on participation. All of the supplies for the clean-ups are available at the KEPB Community Tools Sheds located at 30 fire stations throughout El Paso.

On Saturday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. students will focus on 6 sites: Pelicano and Loop 375 (Socorro High School), McKelligon Canyon (Loretto High School), Diana and Gateway North off of Hwy 54 (Irvin High School), Sue Young Park to Kenworthy (Chapin High School), Billy Rogers Arroyo (EPCC and UTEP) Stiles and Gale (Stiles Garden Neighborhood Association).

On Sunday from 7 until Noon Scenic Drive will be the focus. Newman Park Neighborhood Association members and Scenic Sunday participants will pick-up trash along the drive. Scenic Drive is closed to all motorists from 7 until Noon on Sundays. This year-round program encourages people to walk, bicycle, jog or run the entire stretch of Scenic Drive. (Round trip is approximately 4 miles.)

"Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate," says Palafox.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catalina, the Newest Newmanista

Congratulations to Aynimae Dominguez and Jon Serrano on the birth of their new daughter, Catalina Gabriella Serrano. Catalina weighed in at 6 pounds plus at 4:40 a.m. Saturday, February 13th. She joins big brother, Santiago, who is almost 3-years-old.

Aynimae is the sister of Paco Dominguez who is the other half of Newman Park Neighborhood Association President Lynn Coyle. If I keep going, this will become a Russian novel.

Welcome to the hood, Catalina! Susie Byrd will expect you to be on the soccer field in a couple of years. Start practicing your foot work.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patricia Chew Wins El Paso Bar Association Poll

Newmanista, Patricia Chew, won in a poll of members of the El Paso Bar Association. Pat is running for Judge, Probate Court #1.

Other winners of the poll of El Paso attorneys were Bonnie Rangel (Judge, 171st District Court) and JoAnne Bernal (County Attorney).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lost Family Puppy

Let's do what we do best: Bring a lost family pet home. In this case, it is Emma. If you see or find her, please contact the Ritchey family at 566-0277 or 227-9231 or email them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Living Christmas Trees Planted in Newman Park

Streets staff finishes planting the Mondale Pine purchased by Paco and Lynn

The living Christmas trees that decorated two homes of Newman Park residents have returned to the neighborhood. The Mondale pines purchased by Marco and Cindy Milazzo and Paco Dominguez and Lynn Coyle were planted in Newman Park this morning by the City Streets Department.

City Arborist, Brent Pearson, made sure that the trees purchased by Newmanistas would be planted in our park. "Brent's our hero," a neighbor was heard to say.

A third tree was purchased by Trent and Natalie Thompson former residents of the neighborhood. That tree went to nearby Memorial Park, a community park.

Newman Park Neighborhood Association President, Lynn Coyle, said: "It's a real incentive to buy a living Christmas tree when you know it will be planted in your neighborhood park."

Cindy and Marco Milazzo Mondale Pine