Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skate Park Crowns Piedras Corridor

El Paso Skate Park Association Director, Paul Zimmerman, talks to reporters after the dedication ceremony last Friday.

Last Friday, skateboard enthusiasts, Mayor Cook, Rep. Susie Byrd, EPWU officials and police officers came together to dedicate the new Van Buren skateboard park and storm water dam just off Piedras.  Rep. Byrd had seen similar skate parks so, when the PSB/EPWU was working on plans to upgrade the old Van Buren dam, she approached CEO Ed Archuleta with the idea to build a dual purpose open space park. Archuleta quickly agreed. John Balliew, EPWU's Vice-President of Engineering and Operations, went right to work overseeing the skate park dam project. With suggestions from El Paso Skate Park Association Director Paul Zimmerman, the project was completed as a dual purpose storm water dam and skate park. The park crowns the Piedras business corridor and joins public parks from Memorial to Newman to Grandview that enhance recreation for Central El Pasoans especially residents in the Newman Park, Central and Manhattan Heights Neighborhood Associations. Because of Rep. Byrd's vision, many are beginning to ask whether the park wouldn't be better named the Susie Byrd Open Space Park.

EPWU CEO Ed Archuleta points out some engineering details of the skate park dam to Rep. Susie Byrd.

Skateboarder takes one of the first "rides" at the dam.

El Paso Skate Park Association video. Engineers build great dams. But, can they do this?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Van Buren Dam Basin Includes Skatepark

El Paso Water Utilities will dedicate an innovative project that protects a Central El Paso neighborhood from flood water while providing a recreational opportunity for skateboarders.
The dedication of the Van Buren Dam and Skatepark will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 18. Parking is available at the end of Monroe Avenue west of North Piedras Street.
City Rep. Susie Byrd along with members of the El Paso Skatepark Association approached EPWU asking what could be done at the facility to accommodate skaters. In response to the request, EPWU incorporated a design modification to allow for skate ramps.
“This project not only increases flood protection for the community, it gives an added recreational venue at the same time,” said EPWU Vice President of Operations and Technical Services John Balliew. “We’re happy to see those principles work hand in hand.”
El Paso City Council has requested that EPWU develop dual-use stormwater facilities that protect neighborhoods from flooding while adding to the quality of life. Several existing ponds are under design to make them available for soccer. Facilities that marry a stormwater function with a recreational function are clearly marked with signage informing users that areas are subject to flooding in heavy rains.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Senator Rodriguez To Hold Central El Paso Meeting

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For more information about this event contact the Senator's District Office, 
915- 351-3500.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kid's Summer Fit Club - Sign Up Now!

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Here's a great program for your kids. The instructor, Marilyn, has been described as "awesome".

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newmanistas Place in Mighty Mujer Triathlon

Newmanistas Bailey Chew, her Mom, Patricia Chew and Aunt Linda Chew - all place winners - pose with friend, Laura Stipe (2nd from the left). Click on image to enlarge.

Last Saturday, 350 mighty mujers competed in the first ever Mighty Mujer Sprint Marathon which included three events: swimming, bicycling and running.

Newmanista and City Council Representative Susie Byrd placed second in the Athena Division for her age category! Wow!

Special congratulations to Newmanistas Bailey Chew who placed sixth in her age category, to her Auntie Linda (aka Judge Chew) who placed third in her category and Patricia (another Judge Chew) who placed twelfth in her age category. 

View all the Mighty Mujer results.