Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vote for Ho!

Newmanistas - in fact - ALL El Pasoans: Vote for Ho! The City/El Paso Magazine is taking a vote for Best in Culture. 

Here's the message from surrealist sculturist and Newmanista Ho Baron:

"Hi all! The City Magazine's nominated me, the Ho Show, for you guessed it, the Best in El Paso Culture. If ya gotta sec, vote for me ... pleeeeez!

"My show gets 1000s of passersby daily. It's a gallery without walls, open air at Piedras & Aurora featuring The Distortionists bronze sculpture, The Water God, The Kid, Chac Mol, Indignant, Mother and Child, The Classic Work, The Dysfunctional Family Tree, The Scarecrow Kids and many more.

"A Ho vote is a go vote so do it today ... and tomorrow ... and tomorrow ... and tomorrow (the City lets you vote daily). And I thank you." 

Go here to vote and remember that you can vote every 24 hours:


We are so lucky to have Ho Baron in the hood!

Affordable Downtown Office Space for Rent

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Little Free Library Suffers from Neglect

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It's so sad to see our Little Free Library at Newman Park in disrepair for so long. It has been about a year since the doors went missing. What was once so beautiful and so useful, is now a receptacle for French Fries. Although a promise was made to repair the box, time has passed. It's obviously not a priority nor should it be for any volunteer. Your Newman Park Neighborhood Association has over $2,500 in the bank according to Association Treasurer, Robert Taylor. It's time to hire a carpenter.

Brand new and happy in 2009

Click to enlarge to see effects of a year of neglect: graffiti and French Fries.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fighting Chihuahuas: Time to Fight!

It must not stand. This plagiarism! This trademark infringement! El Paso's Triple A Baseball Team has taken the name of the Chihuahuas! Just hold on there! Everyone knows that the real Chihuahuas - the Fighting Chihuahuas - are the Newman Park Neighborhood Association Fighting Chihuahuas. That's our mascot. As proof here is a picture from a Park Olympics three years ago:

In the picture above team members are preparing to compete in the three-legged race. Note the T-Shirts. Here is the copy of the shirt sent to the screen printer:

Now look at the "trademark" logo for the El Paso Chihuahuas:

Do not take this infringement sitting down, Newmanistas. Here is what we must do:

  • Sue! Contact Stephanie T.A. That call alone will strike terror in the corporate hearts of this baseball consortium.
  • Call City Representative Lily Limon. Ask her to wait until there are enough absences on City Council so she can do to the Triple-A Chihuahuas what she did to Tripper Goodman. After all, it's not the name we object to but the way they went about picking the name.
  • Make an Open Records Request. Find out how often Joyce Wilson even used the word "Chihuahua" in her private email.

Here's what the team must do for us to even come close to making things right:

  • Have not one but many Newman Park Neighborhood Association Days at the park. There will be free beer and hot Chihuahuas - I mean - dogs for all Newmanistas.
  • Publish our logo in each and every game program so that people around the world will not think that all Chihuahuas look like their mascot with blood shot eyes obviously after an all-night Tequila bender.
  • Name the stadium after us: Newmanistas Baseball Stadium - Home of the "Other Chihuahuas".

Maybe after they do these three things, we will cut them some slack.

Yip! Yip!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mesita Fall Carnival

Pumpkin Carving Time Again!

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Lost Boxer

June Hensley sent out this alert on Monday: "An adorable but emaciated young boxer appeared in my backyard and seems to want to stay.  He is brindle black and brown colored. His tail is undocked.  He has no collar or any form of identification.  He is very gentle and friendly.  I would appreciate it if you would pass this on, so we might find his owner."

If you are the owner or know the owner, please contact June at junehensley10@gmail.com or call me at 915-525-7364.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pride Day Means Roll-Off at Newman Park

EPPD Neighborhood Relations Coordinator, Leslie Canada emailed: "We are having our annual Pride Day Clean up on Saturday, Oct 12th from 7AM to 12 Noon.  A roll-off will be placed at Newman Park at Louisiana and Altura for volunteers so it can be filled with trash and debris.  

"The day before (Friday, Oct. 11th at 5:30PM)  we will have our Pride Day Kick Off BBQ at Memorial Park for volunteers to meet and greet some of the staff involved in organizing this event. Environmental Services will also hand out trash bags to those that do not receive a roll off. Hope to see you there."

Click on image to enlarge.

Mark your calendars: Saturday, October 12th, 7AM to Noon there will be a roll-off at Newman Park for trash and debris.