Friday, February 22, 2013

Neighborhood News Winter 2013 Newsletter

Below is the Winter 2013 Neighborhood Newsletter from El Paso's Neighborhood Services.  Be sure also to read their brochure online.

Five Points Smart Code

City planners, Michael McElroy and Harrison Plourde, gave the presentation below to the Newman Park Neighborhood Association Board this past Wednesday evening, February 20, 2013:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Open House Features New Book by Ho Baron

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Friends and neighbors, fellow artists, kindred spirits,

I’ve written and published a book about my sculpture, “Gods for Future Religions.”  Although the book is already available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, its official release will take place at my open house Sunday, February 24, 1-5pm.  The event is a book signing, and I invite all to visit, only to purchase the book if you wish but also to see a collection of figurative, surreal sculptures that’s a trip to experience.  The book itself is a colorful work of art, and it sells for $19.95.  Also I’d like you to see my “Dysfunctional Family Tree,” a new work in progress.

I’ve spent 30 years creating a collection of 300 sculptures.  My book weaves a story of a mythical kingdom where my sculptures play Jungian archetypal roles.  Personal anecdotes and observations enhance the narrative, while the book also highlights samples of my earlier pen-and-ink drawings and experimental drawing photographs. 

“Illuminated by the artist’s engaging insight,” one book reviewer noted.  He labeled the book “part monograph, part manifesto” and in a flattering stretch described me as “H. R. Giger meets Keith Haring.”  “Baron’s title, although meant to be tongue-in-cheek, signifies the cosmic nature of his art. His pieces appear as if they were discovered among the ruins of some Mesoamerican tribe theorized to have communicated with extraterrestrial beings.”

I hope to see you Sunday, otherwise look for me on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  When the world’s had enough of its existing gods, it’ll need new ones . . . and with my sculptures, I’m ready! - Ho Baron

Top Stolen Cars

DATE: February 13, 2013
Auto Thefts are Down 49 Percent in 2013

Date/Time: January 1 – February 12, 2013
Location: Various

EL PASO, TEXAS – Auto Thefts in El Paso are down 49% as of February 12, 2013. Investigators assigned to the Auto Theft Task Force release the top stolen vehicles as of February 12, 2013.

Honda CIVIC (includes CRX) 11
Ford Ranger 3
Ford Mustang 3
Honda Accord 3
Jeep Wrangler 3
Nissan Maxima 2
Acura Integra 2
Audi A4 2
Ford F-150 2
Chevrolet Cobalt 2
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2
Nissan Altima 2

The Honda CIVIC is the number one stolen vehicle in El Paso for 2013 as of February 12, 2013. The Ford F150 was the number one spot for 2012 with a total of 76 trucks reported stolen last year. The CIVIC was second most stolen vehicle with a total of 59 being stolen in 2012. Auto Thefts were down throughout El Paso in 2012 18% compared to 2011. Auto Thefts are down 49% so far this year compared to this same time period in 2012.

Officer H. Slack #2106, CPO
314 S. Leon
El Paso TX 79901

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rep. Byrd's Office Donates Tree in Honor of Margaret Tolbert

Representative Susie Byrd's District 2 Office recently donated a new tree for Newman Park in memory of Margaret H. Tolbert who passed away on September 23, 2012.  The tree is a lovely Italian Stone Pine selected by City of El Paso Arborist, Brent Pearson.  

Mrs. Tolbert's son, Jim, has served on the Newman Park Neighborhood Association board since the inception of the association which he helped to found.  He has been the board President and now serves as Secretary.  He currently is a candidate for the District 2 seat as Ms. Byrd's term will soon expire.  

You can give the gift of a tree through the City's Memorial Tree Program.

The Tolbert family gratefully acknowledges the gift of the tree and thanks Rep.Byrd and her Assistant, Judy Gutierrez.