Friday, April 18, 2008

Party for the Planet

In honor of Earth Day, the El Paso Zoo will again have their annual Party for the Planet tomorrow, April 19th, from 9:30 to 4p.m.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, it is only fitting for us to get some GREEN TIPS from our very own Laura Zweber:

"April 22 is EARTH DAY ! Our Earth takes care of us, so let's take care of our earth! Here are some ideas on ways you can make a difference: 1) Buy organic produce to help farmers that do not use poisons on their crops. 2) Pick up trash in your neighborhood, on scenic drive, or anywhere. 3)Plant a native tree or shrub. 4) Check out Ecohaus web site for their beautiful recycled counter tops next time you're remodeling. 5) REDUCE ! Buy in bulk to reduce packaging and use a timer when you water the lawn. 6) REUSE ! A lady in Portland Oregon has torn down an old house and will reuse everything from the old house to build a new one. Reuse plastic grocery bags or return them to the bins at WalMart or Albertsons. Buy a few cloth bags to take grocery shopping. 7) RECYCLE ! Even old computers and cell phones can be recycled.

"Here are some things you can do with old or mismatched socks: Use as a dust rag or to buff your car or shoes...make a muscle relaxing pack by filling a cotton sock with uncooked rice and sew the end. Put in the microwave with a glass of water (to prevent a fire) for one minute. Hang around the neck, or on sore muscles. When moving, use old socks to pack glasses and other breakables. Kids can make hacky sacks, purses, puppets, or dolls. Tie 15 or so socks together to make a jump rope.

"Have fun, be creative and think of how you can use something in a new way before you throw it away. Let's take care of our earth everyday in a special way."

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