Friday, August 29, 2008

The Cure for the Common Chihuahua: GET A CAT!

Here is the difference between dogs and cats:

A dog says, “These people feed me and give me a warm home and love me. They must be gods.”

A cat says, “These people feed me and give me a warm home and love me. I must be a god.”

Get a cat! Tonkinese are the best although a Tabby will do as well.

Cats don't poop in the yard or at Newman Park. (By the way, there are doggy poop bags available now at Newman Park.)
Cats don't bark incessantly when a happy hiker should stroll by - they just disappear up a tree or behind a bush.
Cats don't escape to run with the pack with lascivious abandon.
You really can replace that Queen Anne couch that the cat has reupholstered. And what's a little pissing match between two or more cats. There are perfectly good "green" household products you can purchase to manage . . . spraying. Nondescript and quite descript corpses of playthings are easily removed from under the bed or on the kitchen floor with a broom and dustpan.
Millions of years of feline evolution have produced these lovable little animals. They purr. Do Chihuahuas purr? No, Chihuahuas yap and yap and yap.

Case closed. GET A CAT!

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