Thursday, September 11, 2008

Neighborhood Beautification Projects Begin

Perhaps you have noticed all of the heavy equipment grading the perimeter of the storm retention ponds between Nashville and Mobile and Sacramento. You also may have seen similar work being done on Alabama and Harrison at the retention pond across the street from Clendenin Elementary School.
Some very lovely neighborhood beautification projects have begun. The designs came from Sites Southwest.
The top picture shows the areas to be landscaped along Louisiana and the bottom shows areas to be landscaped across from Clendenin. The middle picture is a "dream" image sketched for the retention pond in our neighborhood when design work was first begun.

Look also for storm water improvements soon at the Altura Pond. This is the ponding area that culminates with a dam facing the entrance to Scenic Drive at Richmond Avenue. There is about 8 feet of sediment at the mouth which needs to be removed. The work there will be done without even touching the slopes of the beautiful arroyo where foxes and even skunks make their homes.
You will also see work near our neighborhood at the Kentucky Pond, Ohio Street Pond, Tremont Pond and Magnolia Pond. All of this work is meant to slow down water run-off from the mountain that can cause flooding along I-10.

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