Thursday, November 20, 2008

Help Save Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

Today I am reprinting an article by Rick LoBellow from You may also want to check out fellow blogger No Border Wall and

Help Save Rio Bosque Wetlands Park – Give Our Congressman a Call

Rick LoBello,

Congressman Silvestre Reyes should get on the phone now and start talking to President-elect Obama about how his administration needs live up to what he said he would do when he debated Senator Clinton on February 21, 2008 and said he would "reverse that policy" of building a wall on our US Mexico border. This past weekend I joined hundreds of other El Pasoans who came out to Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, many to help support protecting the future of the park by demanding that Homeland Security reverse its present course of building a border wall right through our largest city park. Our city has entrusted UTEP and Friends of Rio Bosque volunteers to restore this nationally important wildlife refuge and for our leaders not to speak out loudly about current plans to destroy the integrity of the park by blocking access from the Rio Grande to many species is a sad statement about how many do not value protecting our native wildlife. The wall being built in El Paso is only days or hours away from the park. It’s completion will seriously hurt the habitat of Rio Grande beavers and other native species. There is still time to stop it and we all need to call our elected officials and ask for their help.
Congressman Reyes is on record of voting against the Security Fence Act of 2006. Last week I read in the El Paso Times about how Congressman Reyes' clout should help our city under Obama.
I say we should ask for that help now by giving him a call this week and ask that he use some of that clout to save our Rio Bosque Wetlands Park. His local number is (915) 534-4400 and you can send him an email from his website at

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