Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stormwater Plan Set for Approval

This from Representative Byrd's office:

Stormwater Master Plan Set for Approval
"The Public Service Board unanimously approved the El Paso Stormwater Master Plan at its March 11 meeting. A City Council presentation is scheduled for March 31. The master plan addresses flooding that challenges El Pasoans year after year, and
its approval marks an important milestone for El Paso Water Utilities. EPWU has
managed the stormwater system since March 2008.

"The Board selected URS Corporation to develop the master plan. The engineering consulting firm was familiar with El Paso’s drainage issues because of previous work done in El Paso. Prior to 2006, URS conducted a flood insurance study for FEMA and provided the agency with county-wide flood insurance rate maps. The firm was called back to El Paso in 2006 to assess the performance of storm drain systems during summer storms and coordinate projects to repair the damage that resulted.

URS identified 99 projects that will correct stormwater system deficiencies. The
projects were prioritized based on factors such as flooding risk to property, Interstate Highway 10 and major arterial roadways; risk associated with debris flow; and required maintenance.

"Public input was solicited through the Stormwater Master Plan Community Advisory Committee, a group of 35 members representing public education; governmental entities; and civic, business and community organizations. The committee was charged with: 1) developing a list of community values related to the stormwater system, 2) validating the order of projects to be implemented during the first three years of the capital improvement program, 3) providing input on open space projects – drainage paths and arroyos to be incorporated into the stormwater system but preserved in their natural state, and 4) recommending dual use projects, such as park ponds, that function as both recreational venues and drainage facilities."

If you want a copy of the full report, just email me and I'll get it to you.

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