Saturday, January 16, 2010

Newmanistas Find Ways to Help Haiti

As reported by the El Paso Times this morning, El Pasoans have joined the Haiti aid effort. One way is to donate clothing at Agua Boutique, 5857 N. Mesa, Suite 20 (585-6300). Board member, Lisa Degliantoni offers a means for making these donations of clothes easily. Just email us here at the blog and Lisa will pick-up any clothes you have to donate and take them to Agua Boutique.

Cindy Milazzo emailed and wrote: "Friends - if you can help with the relief effort in Haiti, there's a worthy organization called MedShare that donates surplus medical supplies to third world countries. They have containers ready to go and need help with shipping expenses. The son of a friend of mine sits on the board . . . "

The person Cindy is referring to is Greg Cudahy a managing partner of Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Mr. Cudahy emails:

This note goes out to a variety of my friends and colleagues within and beyond Accenture whom I know to be big-hearted individuals. By now you have most likely seen the devastating situation in Haiti post the earthquake there yesterday… the pictures are heart-wrenching enough, but the reality on the ground appears to be of truly massive scale. While I’m sure you are aware of this tragedy, what you may not be aware of is that Accenture is affiliated with a truly outstanding charitable organization, MedShare International, that is well-positioned to have an immediate impact on the well-being and lives of many of those in trouble right now in Haiti.

MedShare, on whose board I sit representing Accenture, is the world’s leading distributor of surplus medical supplies to the less fortunate in third world countries. The US wastes ~$7 billion of medical supplies each year due to insurance issues, manufacturing surplus, substitution of new, improved products, etc. MedShare takes these supplies, carefully quality controls them, and (with the help of individual and corporate donors) ships them around the globe where they are literally life-saving in many cases. The multiplier effect of each donor dollar is exceptionally high given that the surplus supplies would otherwise cost both contributors and recipients much more than just the freight.

MedShare has quickly geared up to respond to the Haiti crisis immediately. They are already preparing several 40-foot container loads to get to Haiti in the next few days, and have the capacity to ship even more if they can get help in paying for freight for additional loads. The cost is $4500-6000 per container depending upon destination port. If you are interested in contributing to the sponsorship of freight for a much-needed container, please visit the attached link ( to contribute.. even a small amount will make an impact. For those of you in the Atlanta-area, where MedShare has its primary sortation facility, they will be needing volunteers to help over the coming weeks as they surge to support Haiti relief.

Please note that, while MedShare is indeed a key non-profit relationship of Accenture’s which I am proud to represent, my note is not an “Accenture-sponsored” request… while there is a need for speed, you should not feel obligated in any way. Rather, it is a personal appeal on behalf of a great partner that, with even a small amount of incremental support, can have very rapid, positive impact on this crisis.

If you have any difficulties with the web link or have any other interest, please feel free to contact directly the MedShare representatives cc’d above. Also, feel free to forward this note to any others you believe might be interested in helping.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

There is also an easy way to donate to the American Red Cross as our First Lady, Michelle Obama, lets us know:

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