Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speed Control for Richmond Avenue?

Although the above pictures are really from an advertising campaign for Pioneer Suspension, they are making the email rounds as Canadian speed control devices. Of course, the use of such graphics could cause serious accidents if someone should swerve - especially "challenged" drivers (and you know who I mean).

The tongue in cheek suggestion for their use to slow vehicles nearing the end of the "Indy 500" off of Scenic Drive onto Richmond or vice versa demonstrates the continual frustration that many Newmanistas have with speeders on neighborhood streets.

"I say we commission the artist for Richmond," quipped Paco Dominguez.

Miguel Torres remarked that the fake potholes "might not help us on those Saturday nights when our cars are getting hit by the boarachos coming over Scenic because of poor light conditions." Instead, he humorously suggests a cardboard cutout of deer or elk or a Sasquatch just on the side of the road. "Anyone would slow down for that, either out of an appreciation for God's creatures or abject fear."

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