Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Dog Needs Home

Gadget, the Miniature Dachschund

One thing our Newman Park Neighborhood Association blog is: a place to help animals. We love them here.

Above is a picture of Gadget (isn't that the cutest face ever!) who needs a new home. Owner, Sharon Cornet (a friend from the local Unitarian Community) writes:

Help! Am moving to Seattle from El Paso and need to find a home for my 13-yr old pure bred (but no papers) miniature dachschund, Gadget, fairly quickly.

She's especially attached to women, and gets along with men, children, cats and dogs, although she might try to nip at BIG dogs (Napoleon complex?), and very small children (I think they abused her in the past so she's wary of 1-4 yr olds now - this was before we got her at age 7 from the coach at my son's school 6 years ago), otherwise she is very good with kids. We've had her since Kira was 7 yrs old. Gadget howls/sings when she is happy or excited!

Gadget is a really good dog and does not usually bark unless someone rings the doorbell, and is blind in one eye due to an injury last year. She eats soft food mixed with dry due to many of her teeth being out (extremely common in this breed of dog). She likes to sleep with you under the covers at the foot of the bed, but also sleeps perfectly well in her own little bed. I have doggy-steps for her also, if needed. She is with my parents right now, but they are leaving on May 23rd, so I have to find a home for her before then. I would take her with me to Seattle, but am to live with my nephew and his family in a small apartment on the second floor, with a 3 yr old... not going to happen!

A picture of my sweet little Gadget is attached. :) Please let me know if you are interested in taking her, or know of someone who might take her. I don't want her going to a complete stranger from off the street. She is pretty spunky in her old age (even though she naps a lot) and gets around well, so I think she has a few good years left in her. Putting her down is out of the question! Please help me find a home for her.

You can contact Sharon at 915-494-4628 or

Just yesterdayNewmanistas, Erika and Ari, found a cute little dog and then found his owners! Here is Newman Park, we love our animals! (Even Chihuahuas!)

Heroes, Erika and Ari, rescued this little one

Now let's just get the Cortez Springer Spaniels back home!

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