Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Association Seeks New Board Members

At its next general membership meeting on July9, members of the Newman Park Neighborhood Association will choose possibly six new members for their Board which consists of 10 members. These 10 members have staggered terms - 5 elected for two years in even numbered years and 5 elected for 2 years in odd numbered years.

Of those up for new 2 year terms, only current President, Jim Tolbert, and Lee Byrd will stand for re-election. Retiring will be current Vice-President, Becky Friesenhahn, former President, Lynn Coyle, and Juan Villalobos.

Recently the Board selected Assistant El Paso Fire Marshall, Orlando Arriola, to finish out the one-year term once held by Sally Sauli. Association members will need to confirm that appointment as well as pick a replacement to serve out the terms of Abbie Majerczyk and Lisa Degliantoni. That's a total of six new members counting current board-appointed Arriola.

During its meeting this past Saturday, the Board outlined some talents that they seek in order to find persons to join the board. They are looking for the following:

  1. A new Secretary who can take minutes
  2. An archivist who can "library" board and Association events and documents and maintain Board member banners
  3. A membership "secretary" who can lead us with the organization of our membership drives and can get membership records up to date
  4. Someone to supervise fundraisers such as the luminaria sales
  5. Someone to help us focus on our relationship with businesses in the area and who can have the vision about our business district

To be on the Board, you need to be a member of the Association which requires a $15/household contribution and residence or ownership of property in the boundaries of the Newman Park Neighborhood Association (Piedras to the mountain; Aurora to Nashville).

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the board and may be able to help with some of the needs outlined above, please contact Jim Tolbert who will pass your information to the nominating committee of Robert Taylor and Lisa Degliantoni.

The general meeting and picnic is scheduled for Saturday, July 9, and will include the music of the Big Easy.

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