Thursday, June 9, 2011

Auto Thieves Favor Chevrolet Silverados and Ford F150s

Late model Chevrolet Silverado

Here's the great news: Auto Thefts are currently down in El Paso by 21% compared to this time in 2010. During this same period of time in 2010 there were 681 reported stolen vehicles. So far for 2011, there have been 535 reports.

Chevrolet Silverados and Ford 150s lead the top 5 list of stolen vehicles.

Chevrolet Silverado 32
Ford F-150 32
Honda Accord 28
Honda Civic 28
Nissan Armada 20
Acura Integra 15
GMC Sierra PU 15
Ford Ranger 13

Police Officer Henry Slack reminds us to hide belongings, lock your car, and take your keys. For more information about auto theft prevention, contact the El Paso County Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Task Force at 915-298-9600.

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