Friday, August 19, 2011

A Message from El Presidente about Tomorrow's Park Olympics

Greetings Newmanistas,

Tomorrow we will host the 2nd Annual Park Olympics. Four other neighborhood associations will join us: Manhattan Heights, Kern Place, Rim Road and Mission Hills. There will be plenty of games for all ages – some competitive and some not – but all for fun. I hope all of you can come out and have a great time beginning at 4 p.m. at our beautiful Newman Park. Many of you will want to participate in the games and many of you will want to just enjoy being with your neighbors and cheering those who do compete – again just for fun. We aren’t out to prove anything and we want everyone from all the different associations to have a good time. Around 7 our Association will serve grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. People from different neighborhoods will bring side dishes. There will be plenty of soda pop and water.

Remember to get your Fighting Chihuahua T-Shirt whether you are a team player or team supporter.

As there will be many people enjoying our park and probably more will join us when the very popular Radio La Chusma begins to play at 7:30, expect that there will be more cars parked along our streets. Know that El Paso’s finest plan some extra patrols just to keep an eye on things for us. When you come to the park, please be sure your homes are secure and turn on your porch lights. Love your neighbor – be your neighbor’s keeper as well.

Keep in mind that there are a few simple park rules for our safety. No glass containers of any kind and no alcoholic beverages. Dogs should be on a leash – even Chihuahuas. Always (not just tomorrow) pick-up your dog’s droppings. There are bags for that at the park or you can bring your own. (I have a friend who recycles plastic grocery bags for this very purpose.) Frankly, the park tomorrow may not be the best place anyway for an animal because there will be so much going on. There aren’t too many people who smoke any more. Keep in mind that many people (especially ex-smokers) are very sensitive to cigar and cigarette smoke.

Finally, please help us keep a clean park. There are trash bins and there will be large yard waste bags to accommodate all of our trash. Please pick-up after yourself and your children and help gather any litter.

I’m excited. I’ve been looking forward to this event for a year. Please join me in thanking Becky Friesenhahn especially. She has been the Chief Organizer of this event. Also take time to greet and thank members of the other Associations who also worked very hard to make tomorrow a success and fun for all.


Jim H. Tolbert


Newman Park Neighborhood Association


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