Thursday, March 8, 2012

Search for Crimes in Our Neighborhood

A new online map tracks crime trends in El Paso and helps you to search for crimes in any area of the city.  Multi-colored dots mark the location of crimes from vandalism to murder in a new online Crime Map that El Paso police officials hope will raise awareness about crime trends. 

The Police Department and El Paso County Sheriff's Office went live recently with the new map that is the latest development in using the Internet to keep residents informed. The map uses technology that a generation ago was more the stuff of science fiction than something accessible to anyone with a home computer or a smartphone." The system will alert you whenever a crime occurs within (the pre-set) vicinity." Furr said the online map is part of the Police Department's effort to inform people through social media. "Society has migrated to social media," Furr said. "We have a (Police Department) Facebook page and a Twitter page. It seems to be the way we keep in touch nowadays." 

Tina Gianes, president of the Neighborhood Watch Association of El Paso, said the interactive crime map was "badly needed" and will help residents know what is going on in their neighborhoods. "I think it's awesome," Gianes said. "I think it's great. We can find out where problems are in our neighborhoods. "Sometimes things happen that you don't hear about," she said. "This way we can find out very quickly. (It was something that was) badly needed. A lot of times when people get together to start a Neighborhood Watch, they have no idea what is going on in their neighborhood until they talk to people."

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Colin D said...

It would be great if this data was fully open. Then my company - SpotCrime - would also map the data - hopefully reaching more people in the community.