Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Van Buren Dam Basin Includes Skatepark

El Paso Water Utilities will dedicate an innovative project that protects a Central El Paso neighborhood from flood water while providing a recreational opportunity for skateboarders.
The dedication of the Van Buren Dam and Skatepark will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 18. Parking is available at the end of Monroe Avenue west of North Piedras Street.
City Rep. Susie Byrd along with members of the El Paso Skatepark Association approached EPWU asking what could be done at the facility to accommodate skaters. In response to the request, EPWU incorporated a design modification to allow for skate ramps.
“This project not only increases flood protection for the community, it gives an added recreational venue at the same time,” said EPWU Vice President of Operations and Technical Services John Balliew. “We’re happy to see those principles work hand in hand.”
El Paso City Council has requested that EPWU develop dual-use stormwater facilities that protect neighborhoods from flooding while adding to the quality of life. Several existing ponds are under design to make them available for soccer. Facilities that marry a stormwater function with a recreational function are clearly marked with signage informing users that areas are subject to flooding in heavy rains.

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