Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coyote on Scenic

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Our good friend, Hector Montes, shared this photo on Facebook. He wrote:

"On the way home after "The Show" with Hector & Abel on Talk Radio 1150,I spotted this coyote on Scenic Drive. I've seen a lof of wildlife on the mountain and on Scenic, but this is the first coyote. He crossed in front of me and jumped over the wall and went down the hill. Then he came back up, crossed Scenic again, and almost got hit by a car before going back up the mountain by the police academy. Neighbors should keep an eye on their cats and small dogs, as they can make a tasty meal for a coyote."

When I was growing up here in the hood, packs of coyotes routinely howled at night. However, I do not hear them any longer. On the other hand, friends near the Palisades or at the end of Stanton on the other side of the mountain hear and see coyotes almost daily. 

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