Friday, September 27, 2013

Rain Brings Falls

The rains of two weeks ago were described as a 10 year flood by some and a 20 year flood by others. Whatever, our neighborhood got nearly 5" of rain as measured by the official NOAA CoCoRaHS rain gauge at 2701 Frankfort Avenue. 4.32" of that fell over 3 days - September 11, 12 and 13.

Nana Tibuni took the following video of the dam at Red Rock Canyon from her home at the end of Red Rock Canyon Drive:

She commented: "I wanted to share this video of the arroyo behind my house during the rains two weeks ago. Even though the rains caused so much damage the arroyo was beautiful!"

By the way, our Red Rock Canyon is a 1.126 billion year geological treasure. Read this fascinating online article: Piece of crust stolen from Texas found in Antarctica. Portions of that billion year old plus rift include the red bluff granite and Thunderbird formation on both sides of the Franklins. Celebration of Our Mountains has scheduled as hike up the canyon for September 28th to the July 1944 B-24 crash site. Take the hike: you will be going back in time over a billion years and you will see “pieces” of what scientists call the super-continent, Rodinia.

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