Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FREE Check Up Calls Helps Senior El Pasoans During Extreme Heat

City Offers FREE Check Up Calls For Seniors Calling All Seniors Program 

Aimed to do a welfare check – over the phone - for seniors living alone 

EL PASO, TEXAS – These past few days we have encountered SEVERE temperatures in the Sun City and we are urging the public to take action to protect themselves and others during these extreme weather conditions. The City of El Paso’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) – Calling All 
Seniors is available to assist in making sure the community’s seniors are safe. 

RSVP is a FREE program aimed at making sure a senior living alone is safe. Seniors (55 years and older) in the program will receive a friendly phone call from a volunteer to make sure they are safe. Each program volunteer is paired up with the senior based on similar interests – hobbies, education, background, etc. so that they may have things in common to talk about during the check-up call. The phone calls will be made at the senior’s convenience (mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekdays, weekends). The phone calls can be made daily or even once a week, whatever they prefer. 

This free phone call is a great way to ensure the safety of a senior living alone who is homebound, isolated and in need of a check-up call or somebody to talk to. 

Calling All Seniors depends on public awareness for its success. We hope that the public will identify and report seniors who need this service. Currently over 75 volunteers registered with the RSVP are calling over 75 seniors that have been referred by agencies and residents. The service is free of charge. It is essential that the community look out for one another, especially the seniors in our community – many of them do not have anybody to care for them and are in desperate need of assistance. A friendly telephone call, that will make sure they are safe, may be their life saver. 

If you are interested in this 
free service please call: 
(915) 212-1685

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