Thursday, May 22, 2008

City of El Paso Web Site

There is really much information that you can find at the City web site. Highlighted currently on the home page are links to the new traffic management program and the new subdivision ordinance. The FAQ page is also quite valuable.

If you want to know the meeting schedules and agendas for the Council or other City boards and commissions, just click on meetings and find what you are looking for.

This Saturday morning Newman Park Neighborhood Association Board members and volunteers will be going door to door to ask for membership contributions and getting signatures for doing some traffic calming in and around our neighborhood. One of the great advantages of having a neighborhood association is being able to access City services in a more efficient manner. Our relationship with the Parks and Recreation Department and Neighborhood Services has been very valuable for us already. We've secured a $50,000 neighborhood improvement grant recently, gotten more trees for our Park, obtained an electrical hook-up for our music and movie events at the Park, and more.

So, it is worthwhile to get to know City government and the web site is a great place to start.

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