Friday, May 23, 2008

Crystal Meth in El Paso

Our Community Police Officer, Officer Henry Slack warns us about this dangerous crime trend:

"Our Border City is preparing yet another blow, this time is in the form of
Crystal Meth.

Crystal Methamphetamine is the most potent and dangerous drug on the streets and often Addictive after the first use. This drug has many names and they change often. For your familiarity: Speed, Chalk, Batu, Blade, Cristy, Crystal Glass, Hanyak, Hiropan, Hot ice, Kaksonjae, L.A. Glass, ice, quartz, shabu, shards, stove top, super ice, tina, and ventana, just to name a few. The smokeable form of Meth is called ice or crystal because of its appearance. If your children or love ones use these names, know they are talking about Crystal Meth.

What does Crystal Meth look like?
Crystal Meth is typically odorless, and in small crystal like fragments of glass or shinny blue-white “rocks’ of various sizes. Color is often added for marketing appeal.

How is it used?
Crystal Meth can be taken different ways. Orally, snorted, injection, smoking or inhalation. The quickest means to reaching the potency of the drug is through injection, followed by smoking or inhaling the vapors, then by snorting the drug. When used orally (pill form), Meth is often taken with a mixed flavored drink.

Time Sequence for the effect of
Injection: = Instant high
Smoking = Rapid high
Snorting = 2 -5 minutes for high to take effect
Orally = 30-60 minutes for high to take effect

Crystal Meth, is fast becoming an epidemic which we (as a community) must be able to recognize, and deal with accordingly. The Central Regional Command is offering training on this topic, if you are interested contact our office at 838-8013."

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