Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Art in the Park

Every now and then we discuss the idea of doing some really cool, permanent art at Newman Park. It doesn't hurt that El Paso has an ordinance that encourages public art and the person in charge of that committee is a Newmanista: Pat Dalbin.
Here's what many of us don't know: we are already blessed with the art of Luis Villegas here in our neighborhood. Lee and Bobby Byrd have been patrons of his art for a long time. Their front porch has a painted design by Villegas. Their bathroom has a ceramic tile snake design also by this great local artist. There is a Villegas mural in their backyard and now an old, dead tree became the medium for carved fish sculptures. Luis is also the genius behind the brightly painted Cinco Puntos Press building on Texas.

Recently the Byrds had a backyard party to honor Luis and to celebrate his art. El Paso photographer and blogger, Carolyn Rhea Drapes (aka "chacal la chaise") did a lovely entry about Luis and the party. She gave me permission to use some of her photos from the event on this blog as you can see above. (That's Luis with the grand, gray beard.)
By the way, Drapes is quite the photographic artist. Please see her flickr photostreams of her collections of scenes in and around El Paso. You can see her photographs from Luis' party here. There is now a permanent link to her blog from this site: El Paso Daily Photo Blog by Chacal La Chaise.

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