Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sierra Club President Bill Addington writes:

"Borderistas & other friends:
You are invited to Michael Chertoff's Retirement Party in El Paso, Texas!
Of course Michael is NOT invited... Come and celebrate the last days of Michael Chertoff at the Chamizal National Memorial Park in our beloved El Paso- January 10!
I am proud to say my idea for Michael's Retirement Party has resonated. There will also be public Chertoff Retirement parties Jan 10 in Tucson, Arizona and Brownsville, Texas!

The end of DHS policies of "Muro de Odio" are hopefully near. May 2009 become the year of tearing down Walls and building bridges on our beloved frontera. Thank you for everything you all have done to fight for environmental and economic justice in 2008.
!Feliz año nuevo!
Yer friend,bill addingtonGuerra Farm & RanchSierra Blanca, Texas"

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Patty G. said...

This is GREAT!! Adios to silly fences (hopefully!)!