Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Mexico Matters, Midnight Basketball and Other Updates from Representative Byrd

Representative Susie Byrd just sent us this update:
I just updated my blog at I included some information about the impact of Mexico on our tax base. I am also looking for people who would volunteer for our Midnight Basketball program and provide some information about the program.
I wanted remind you that the billboard issue hits council this week and will be scheduled for discussion at 1 P.M. on Tuesday in the City Council Chambers.
We are starting budget hearings. If there is a particular department that you are interested in knowing more about, budget hearings are a good forum to get information about the budgets of a department and what our expectations are for that department. Also, a good time for you to talk to us about your expectations for a department. You can get a schedule of the budget hearings for each department at and get individual presentations for each department at

City Council Representative, District 2

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