Monday, July 13, 2009

Will NIP Project Actually Get Done This Week?

The contractor has begun putting in the foundations for the new benches, tables and exercise stations. And, according to Javier Reyes, P.E., of the City's Engineering Department:

"We spoke to the contractor today. He stated that he is still awaiting the 4 exercise units. He stated that he will have an answer from the manufacturer today. He did state that he will have all the picnic tables, benches, and site work done by this Friday July 17. As soon as I get an answer from him on the exercise equipment I will provide the info to you. If he does not provide the exercise equipment by the 20th he will be considered late."
Still neighborhood leaders are wondering if the plans that they agreed to will be followed. Will the placement of all the new equipment be correct? Will the new equipment come as specified? Will neighborhood leaders have an opportunity to review these matters with the City and contractors in the next couple of days?

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