Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Success! Yard Sales Net Cash and Camaraderie

Newmanistas had their first neighborhood-wide yard sale event this past Saturday and all agree it was a success.

Sale organizer, Becky Ayala, declared: "First and foremost it was great fun! We met several people from the neighborhood that we had not met before, a couple people from my street and even one from my block. People were on their feet going from house to house walking the neighborhood."

Newman Park Neighborhood Association President Lynn Coyle agreed: "Neighbors really got out and about and connected to each other. We bought a lot of cool stuff."

Everyone holding a yard sale reported success - even one person who jumped in at the last moment. After passersby offered David Manago money for the yard tools he was using, he opened his garage, put out some things and made enough to buy gas for his next fishing trip!

The enthusiasm generated creative thinking. "Next time take out an ad in the newspaper," suggested Robert Taylor. "There was one house that did this and they had people lined up and waiting when they opened."

One neighbor thought that it would be great if a whole block participated and got permission to restrict traffic. Afterward, all the members of the block could bring their grills into the street and have a big cookout.

Becky Ayala offered that next time the Association could "have a table at the park during the event where the list of houses and some water could be distributed." She added, "We might also want to distribute the information via flyer before hand.

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was awesome. I had a powered wheel chair in my home for the last two months, tried selling it on craigslist and no luck. I sold it at the garage sale for $250.00!! How awesome was that?