Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flu Prevention Tips

Here are what seem to be common sense tips for flu prevention. Gargling with a salt solution is among the tips to minimize proliferation of flu virus. A friend who is a nurse suggested this recipe:
Isotonic salt water solution: one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon baking soda, mix well in 2 cups of filtered water. Solution is good for about a week. If it gets cloudy before that, throw it out, rinse container with hot water and make new. This works not only against H1N1 but against any virus that first takes hold in the throat/nasal passages. I bought cheap travel containers in different colors for each member of our family and set them on the bathroom vanity. Each of us is gargling with the solution and swabbing the nostirls at least once a day. This deters the virus from proliferating in the throat and nostrils. My daughter has 3 friends at school who have been out with confirmed cases of H1N1 and so far she hasn't come down with it. Perhaps this little hygiene exercise is paying off so I wanted to pass it on.

Of course, see your health professional if you do begin to have flu symptoms. Stay home so you don't spread the virus. And, remember, don't blame the pig:

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