Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mandy Chew Sets Sights High for Science Museum

Our very own Mandy Chew is the new Executive Director of Insights El Paso Science Museum. This El Paso institution has struggled for the past few years and the Board of Directors recruited Mandy with the goal of making Insights one of the premier science museums in the United States.

Insights was established in 1980 and opened its doors of the basement of the Anson Mills building then home of the El Paso Electric Company. The museum features a permanent collection of interactive exhibits on nature and science topics ranging from electricity and optics to health and biology. Kids of all ages, and seniors too, will get a jolt of fun out of the Tesla coil that courses with 500,000 volts several times each day. The mind games are also a favorite activity for families to work on together.

The current traveling exhibit is “Giant Worlds – A voyage to the Outer Solar System.” El Paso is only the third city to host this marvelous exhibit developed by the Space Science Foundation with assistance from NASA and the National Science Foundation. Giant Worlds is filled with interactive experiences, models and spectacular murals that reveal the grandeur of these amazing planets. Visitors can learn about gravity in a simulation that assigns a mass to the visitor’s shadow and demonstrates how particles, such as those in Saturn’s spectacular ring system, interact with the shadow. They can design and launch a virtual probe into Jupiter’s crushing atmosphere and see how far their probe gets before it is destroyed. Visitors can also experiment with the properties of visible and infrared radiation and learn how scientists use light to probe phenomena like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Mandy urges all Newmanistas to come and see her soon at Insights . In addition to the exhibits, Insights also hosts summer camps, sleep-overs and birthday parties.

For the holidays, Insights will be featuring a “Drop and Shop” day care for shoppers to leave their children from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, with lunch and a healthy snack provided.

The Insights is at 505 N. Santa Fe, next to City Hall and free parking is provided. You can reach Mandy by phone at 915-534-0000, Ext 20. Her email is

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