Monday, December 20, 2010

Holidays are Good Times for Families to Share the El Paso Outdoors

Lisa Degliantoni's and Dave Ford's son, Miles, braves a tall cottonwood to gather mistletoe during a river walk yesterday.

Newman Park families joined some of the Elpasonaturally/Sunrise Hikers for a nature walk along the Rio Grande beginning at Country Club Road. Their objective: exercise, fresh air and mistletoe to add to their home holiday decorations. Unlike last year when mistletoe was plentiful, only a few sprigs of this hemi-parasitic plant could be found. Nevertheless, one cottonwood yielded the herb that legend says killed Baldur. More mistletoe was found among a stand of willows. An old and large cottonwood on the east side of the river was loaded with the treasure.

The holidays mean more time for family outings. So, what can be better than the beautiful outdoors of El Paso, Texas. Nearer to the neighborhood is McKelligon Canyon. Cooler mornings make the five-mile round trip walk a great way to enjoy the scenery and get in shape. The end of the canyon provides easy access to the ridge of the mountain and begins the Ron Coleman Trail which culminates at Transmountain Road.

Morning exercise at McKelligon Canyon

Avid hiker, UTEP Prof. Karl Putnam, enjoys the spectacular scenery from the ridge following the Ron Coleman Trail

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