Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Traffic Signs Advise Motorists to Watch for Children at Newman Park

New signs warn motorists to slow down for children and others at Newman Park.

At their November meeting, Newman Park Neighborhood Association board members discussed the excessive speeding along Alabama Street past the park. All admitted having concerns about the safety of pedestrians and children.

Following the meeting, Association President, Jim Tolbert, emailed Representative Susie Byrd and asked what could be done - perhaps flashers similar to those near Our Lady of Guadalupe. Rep. Byrd asked Ted Marquez, the Deputy Director of the City's Department of Transportation, what he thought. Marquez advised that flashers installed cost $45,000 - by city ordinance, all at the expense of the neighborhood association. He suggested that a more cost effective alternative would be the installation of speed feedback signs at $4,000 per direction of travel.

Tolbert asked if simple warning signs could be installed. Marquez said that his Department would absorb the cost of those signs. Recently, the City's DOT installed two signs indicating children at play - one on each side of Alabama by the park.

Car dashes to beat a changing light with new warning sign and speed limit sign in view.

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