Friday, January 21, 2011

Board Planning Meeting Sets 2011 Goals

Rep. Susie Byrd shows off her "79930" hoodie at the annual Strategic Planning meeting.

Last Saturday Newman Park Neighborhood Board members held a strategic planning meeting. Attending were Vice-President Becky Friesenhahn, Treasurer Lee Byrd, Lynn Coyle, Lisa Degliantoni, Robert Taylor, Secretary Sally Ann Sauli and President Jim Tolbert. Their special guest was our City Council Representative, Susie Byrd. Here are the goals for 2011:

Newman Park Neighborhood Association 2011 Goals

1. Stay positive and fun.

2. Keep and build upon our events of 2010.

3. Keep our beautiful park as our focus.

4. Recruit and develop our General Membership and Board Members.

5. Maintain and enhance communication strategy.

6. Encourage neighborhood investments.

7. Engage businesses on Piedras Street to become active in our Association.

8. Help calm traffic in our area.

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