Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Help Collect Shoes

Lindsey Williams sorts through shoes that she has collected for the Rescue Mission of El Paso.

As part of coming closer to 100 days of school, La Fe Preparatory School students are completing projects with 100 things in them - "hello" in a 100 different languages, necklaces with 100 beads and so forth. However, Lindsey Williams and her family wanted to do something that would also help people. Her father, David Williams, a podiatrist, suggested collecting 50 pairs of shoes to be given to the Rescue Mission of El Paso. As of today, Lindsey is just 15 pairs short of her goal but wants to exceed it.

Dr. Williams says that the shoes "can be any size, any style. Used is fine; but they should be in good condition. Remember, people are going to wear them."

The project is due this Friday, January 28th. "We really need everyone's help to pull this off," Lindsey's father told me. "Let's show El Paso what is possible if we all work together!"

If you are interested in donating some shoes, email bdavolley@hotmail.com or call 239-6621 and leave a message. "We will be happy to come pick them up," says Williams.

Lindsey is also involved with Girl Scout Troop 277 at La Fey Preparatory. Since it is time to order Girl Scout cookies, you can also order your cookies using the same contact information.

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Jessica said...

Great job Lindsey!!!