Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Newmanistas Celebrate Christmas

Celebrating Christmas just comes naturally for Newmanistas. Starting with a Christmas party and caroling, they then gathered to assemble and deliver luminarias.

Last Wednesday, December 21st, many Newman Park neighborhood folk got together at the home of Becky and Michael Friesenhahn for hot chocolate, cookies, Santa and storytelling. Afterwards they went from house to house caroling.

Eddie Holland accompanies caroling practice on his flute. Association Ex-President, Lynn Coyle, conducted the Newmanista troubadours, the envy of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Santa arrives! Many thought that Santa was a dead-ringer for NPNA Treasurer, Robert Taylor.


Just before going caroling

On Saturday, Christmas Eve morning, Newmanistas gathered to assemble and then deliver luminarias. The day before, nearly 3 inches of snow fell in the El Paso area. With light snow and rain on the 24th, some families elected to light luminarias on Christmas Day.

The Stephens Family gets ready to take luminarias to a customer in Mountain Park.

Kathleen Harmon gives instructions as Association President, Jim Tolbert, and Carol Culver listen.

Putting sand into the bags

Visiting his great-grandmother, Margaret Tolbert, 2-year-old Anders Lindstrom of Salinas, California neatly puts candles into bags.

Christmas cat Copernicus checks out the living Christmas Tree from the Pearson Tree Farm.

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