Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Snowing!

Newman Park in the snow. 3 pictures above courtesy of Donna Stephens

It's snowing and there's more to come today.  So what's going on? Mike Hardiman of the National Weather Service explains:

"It's a fairly 'classic' setup for snow in the Borderland.  Basically, a backdoor cold front came in last night, while an upper low moved in from the west earlier today, scooping up subtropical moisture out ahead of it, and pushing it 'up and over' the cold front.  The result is saturation and precipitation, and thanks to the colder air - it's snow."

Mike's prediction:

"There will be an initial band of light snow this morning, followed by more showery/spotty snow showers throughout the day.  Then the heavier snowfall will occur between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. Thursday as the best dynamics associated with the upper level system swing through the area.  The highest snowfall amounts will *generally* be focused over SE El Paso County and especially Hudspeth County.  (Thu Night/Fri probably will not be a good time to be on I-10 east of town).  However, with an easterly low-level flow, terrain will amplify snowfall amounts . . .  Expect 2 to 5 inches in El Paso County - but the higher amounts will be in Northeast El Paso (upslope flow on the east-facing slopes of the Franklin Mountains), and down in the far SE part of the county.  If you live on the West Side or Upper Valley, you'll be in a downslope 'shadow' west of the Franklin Mountains and will see amounts on the lower end of the scale.  Areas west of the Hueco Mountains will probably see slightly lower amounts too due to the 'shadowing' effect."

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Bobby Byrd said...

Nice photos, Donna. Lee walked up this morning to the park to put books in the little lending library and to enjoy the snow. I stayed at home and looked through the window.--Bobby