Friday, January 9, 2009

Crime Prevention Tips

Cindy Milazzo took some great notes at the Police Shift meeting at Newman Park yesterday. There are some good crime prevention tips here:

"Our PAR Officer Henry Slack met with us this morning and reviewed some programs of the Police Department and gave an update on crime in the area.

1) Auto theft prevention: Register your vehicle with Help End Auto Theft (HEAT)
Trucks with 4-wheel drive are often stolen, taken to Juarez, then driven back across
the desert with drug shipments. Since December, there have been two vehicles stolen in our area. Overall, the auto theft rate is down 6%.

2) Operation Identification:
We can borrow an engraver and mark TVs, small electronics, cameras, or any property.with a driver's license number or other ID, then send that information to the Police Department who may be able to link that information with data submitted by pawn shops.

3) Tickets for up to $55 will be issued for parking on easements/parkways or overnight parking on streets.

4) Because of a budget crunch, the PAR officer program, which assigns one officer to coordinate police and community efforts in our neighborhood, is in danger of being cut. If you support this program, please send a note to Chief of Police Greg Allen at

5) Our area had 55 burglaries in 2008. This number includes District 56 (Memphis to I-10 and the mountain to railroad tracks east of Copia) and District
57 (Van Buren to Memphis and the mountain to the railroad tracks east of Copia).

6) Officer Slack said it might be a good idea to include the 2600 block of Richmond in our Neighborhood Watch area, since they are are closest "across the street" neighbors. If you have any ideas regarding this, let me know.

To report suspicious or unusual activity, call the Central Regional Command at 577-5000 or the Police non-emergency number at 832-4400."

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