Friday, January 16, 2009

Tagging Part 3: Tagging Crews and Competitions

You probably often wonder why anyone would risk his life by climbing out to a sign above a busy freeway just to tag the sign. You've also probably seen several instances of billboards that have been tagged. These are usually instances of tagging competitions. Much like computer games, the "warriors" seek to win a contest by gaining the most point. Numbers of tags and most especially tags done in dangerous places get the most points. Competitors or gangs agree on a neutral judge and get started. Remarkably, none of them sees this as property damage - they see it as a game.

Tagging crews often begin at late night parties. Gang members may first steal beer from a convenience store. "Beer runs" are just that: a member runs in and grabs a case of beer and runs out of the store. Often fueled by alcohol or other drugs, the taggers are set lose.

Do know that tagging is not limited to night-time. Tagging during the day is just as common. Check out this video of a reckless youth tagging an overpass above the 101 in Los Angeles.

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