Monday, January 26, 2009

Get Ready for the Stormwater Vote

Enough valid signatures were submitted to the City to force a vote on May 9 on the stormwater utility. The issue: many want to see stormwater management stripped from PSB and returned to the auspices of City Hall. The El Paso Times has already begun beating on the envy drum: See how much Ed Archuleta makes versus how much poor Eddie Holguin makes. Our stormwater fees are just too high.

So does anyone think that their household water bill will be lower if stormwater is taken away from PSB? The truth is that it will go higher and at the cost of placating businesses that lay down a lot of concrete.

Please take time to read a couple of entries on David Karlsruher's blog: Doesn't Take a Clairvoyant to Predict Higher Taxes of El Pasoans and Misconceptions about the Stormwater Issue.

The Newman Park Neighborhood blog will be posting more entries about the issue including Representative Holguin's suggestion that Mr. Archuleta's salary (or the salary of anyone at PSB) is outrageous. Read David. We can talk. Anyone who disagrees can post comments.

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