Monday, October 26, 2009

Annual Pumpkin Carving on Saturday

Be sure to come to Newman Park for the pumpkin carving at 3 pm. First come, first served. And wear your costume, if you like. We'd love to see what everyone is wearing.

The El Paso Police Department would also like everyone to have a very happy and safe Halloween. To ensure this, they are reminding El Pasoans of some very important safety information. On Halloween, there will be many young children in and around the roadways. Dark costumes, dark streets, and motorists pose the greatest risk to trick-or-treaters. The following are some tips that can help ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween for everyone.

1. Parents should accompany their children at all times. Do not leave your children unattended or unsupervised, especially younger children.

2. Children should wear costumes that are visible in the dark. Light colored costumes are preferable but if the costume is dark, some kind of reflective material or tape should be used.

3. Carry some form of light, preferably a flashlight.

4. Check your children’s candy before they eat it. Watch out for candy that appears to have been tampered with and be aware of any home made or unpacked treats.

5. Watch for traffic. Do not let your children run in and out of the street, keep them on the sidewalks.

6. If you're driving, watch out for children darting into traffic. Slow down especially in residential areas. Drive with extreme caution, because dark costumes may be very hard to see.

7. Respect those who do not wish to participate. If the front porch light is off, chances are they are not giving out candy.

8. Have children stay within the neighborhood, only visiting homes you know.

Parents should also remember that there are many other safe alternatives such as organized Halloween parties and Haunted Houses, many of which are sponsored by local schools, churches, businesses or other organizations. Find out about these activities and keep them in mind as a better and safer alternative.

Have a great Halloween and see you at Newman Park at 3 pm!

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