Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wyler Tramway: One of Newman Park's Gateways to the Franklins

The Newman Park neighborhood has a number of ways close by to access the Franklin Mountains. Certainly Scenic Drive's availability especially on Scenic Sundays (7 to Noon) is a great way to enjoy the scenery and geology that the south Franklins have to offer. McKelligon Canyon just north of our neighborhood gives easy access to the beauty of our mountains and a quick way to gain access to the ridge itself and one of the best hikes in the mountains along the Ron Coleman Trail.

Another favorite is the Wyler Tramway. Those who want to enjoy just the scenery can use the tramway to reach Ranger Peak. There is a gate at the peak that allows access to other trails along the ridge and over the mountain. Rangers are available to give directions.

Simply put, getting outdoors and into the mountains is easy for Newmanistas.

Check out the following hikes at Celebration of Our Mountains: There will be two Ron Coleman hikes - the first on October 10 and another on November 1. There is a difficult trail from the parking lot at the Wyler Tramway to the ridge. It is called the Directissimo. On October 18, there will a hike to the top of the ridge and back. On October 29, there will be a hike up the Directissimo which connects with the Ridge and Tram Trails. Hikers will end up at the station and take the tram back down. Finally, on October 20, there will be a nice guided hike in McKelligon Canyon.

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Bobby Byrd said...

Good stuff, Jim. I've done the Coleman Trail a few times, but from TransMountain. It's been a number of years. I'm glad there's a chain at the Window. Sounds like it's easier to go from McKelligan.