Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Houston Elementary To Have Dual Language Program

Below is District 2 Representative Susie Byrd has passed on some exciting happenings at Houston Elementary. The emphases are mine. Note the important meetings regarding Dual Language, the request for more Partners in Education and the solicitation for Price's Dairy product caps:

I wanted to check in with you re: the Save Houston efforts. There is lots of momentum and lots of activity with the goal being to increase enrollment at the school in order to justify keeping it open. Anything you can do to help in getting out the word would be much appreciated.

Dual Language. The most important news is that the District has agreed to invest in a dual language program at Houston. Dual language is a great attraction for parents who are interested in making sure that their kids are fully fluent and able to read and write in both Spanish and English, regardless of their first language. I think this will be a great magnet for Houston and is just what we need to really get folks interested in sending their children to Houston. In order to promote this and to let the parents know more about dual language and its benefits for their children, Houston is hosting two important meetings:
1. Wednesday, October 21st at 6 PM at Houston Elementary School,
presentation to parents about the benefits of Dual Language Education. The district is sending out a blast throughout the district to let parents know about this.
2. Saturday, November 7 at 8:30 AM at Houston Elementary. This will be an open house. The district is targeting parents who have transferred out for this meeting but we invite other parents who might be interested. Is there anyone who might be able to help with coffee and fruit or donuts?

Partners in Education. The committee working on this agreed to help find more
Partners in Education to support the school. If you know of any businesses in the area that want to help out, we are looking for support. Please email me any ideas or contacts you might have. We are focused on: trying to fund more programming in arts and culture (artists or art organizations who can enhance programming) and improving the campus (landscaping, playground equipment, etc).

Give Em Five Price's program. The school is going to ramp up their Give Em Five program where students bring in caps from Price's products and Price's rebates an amount per cap to the school. Could you let your respective constituents know that they can donate their caps to the school also and it is an easy way to help

City Council Representative, District 2

Every time that I drive by Houston Elementary, it is obvious to me what a valuable property it is to the school district and the neighborhood. It would be a pity to shut down the buildings and the playing fields. Parents, stakeholders and neighbors are so enthusiastic to save this school.

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