Thursday, December 10, 2009

High Winds Take Toll on Newman Park Area

The wind picked up the top of this backyard deck, carried it over the roof . . .

and slammed it into this house across the street.

Work just to board and secure the house continued the day after the storm.

High winds tore through the borderland on Tuesday. The Newman Park area certainly experienced the wrath of a wind storm that brought winds of 100 m.p.h. in many places. Trees, street signs, roofs, windows and more were damaged in the Newman Park neighborhood.

Most significantly, the back deck at the Harmon home on Memphis was torn off, lifted over the house and slammed into the Morales home across the street. This "act of God" was the most dramatic sign of the power of the same wind storm that also brought down a portion of the canopy at Cohen Stadium and scattered heavy debris and artifacts all over the City.

The storm toppled this venerable 50 year plus tree on Altura.

Flying debris broke windows at this house on Savannah.

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