Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Storm Brings Snow to Newman Park

Newman Park playground rests silently in the snow.

Police closed Scenic Drive yesterday afternoon as children got an early dismissal from school. All who usually commute from their work in Northeast El Paso over Trans Mountain back to their homes on the Westside made the long trek around the south end of the mountains. Some left their cars off Alabama and were rescued by friends. City Council didn't begin today until 11 a.m. Ernie, the cat, took one look at the rain and snow this morning and buried himself at the bottom of his bed at the home he shares with Lee and Bobby Byrd.

Newmanista sweeps sidewalk along Savannah.

A little snow can't deter this jogger. Newman Park is used by many for their daily exercise regimen.

A big thanks goes to Newmanista Donna Stephens for these photographs.

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Thx! From Ft Worth