Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Snow-Covered Franklins

Avid hiker, Rosario Rivera, climbs the 1,000 Steps

Snow-covered Ocotillos

The Ridge - Ranger Peak to the north above

You will recall our recent snow storms. Here are pictures from the last storm. They were taken on the 1,000 Steps Trail and at the ridge of the Franklins between Ranger and Comanche Peaks - just above our Red Rock Canyon and "A" Mountain. The trail is accessed just on the other side of Scenic from Newman Park. It is also accessed at the end of Stanton or by Temple Mount Sinai at the end of Joyce Kenyon.

We do live in a hauntingly beautiful place - sunshine or snow.

Just go outside to enjoy it.

Mount Cristo Rey in the distance

Holiday lights below

All photos courtesy of Rosario Rivera and John Walton.

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