Wednesday, June 16, 2010

District 2 Updates

From Representative Byrd's Inauguration left to right: County Commissioner Veronica Escobar, her husband, Michael Pleters, Susie Byrd's husband, Eddie Holland, Rep. Byrd

Representative Susie Byrd has sent this update:


Wanted to check in and give a quick update on all things District 2.

Drug War. Recently in anticipation of President Obama hosting Mexican President Calderon community leaders from El Paso and Las Cruces presented a seven point “Declaration in Support of Ciudad Juárez and Its Efforts to Reduce The Violence Related to Drug Trafficking.” The Declaration was signed by more than 100 community leaders including local elected officials, civic leaders, faith leaders, business leaders and academics.

The Drug War has not achieved its goals of reducing drug consumption and drug access, and narco-related violence along the U.S.-Mexico border is raging at unprecedented levels with no end in sight. (See recent article on Drug War failure at: The Declaration asks for reform of current drug laws and drug enforcement policies as a way to help curb violence related to drug trafficking in Mexico. Community leaders asked that President Obama and President Calderón take serious steps to reform drug laws and the U.S./Mexico relationship to help bring an end to the violence in Juárez.

Professor Oscar J. Martinez started out the press conference. His statement can be found on my blog at

If you are interested in signing on to the Declaration, you can do so by going to:

Community Planning. We are finally launching our effort to rewrite the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the community’s consensus document about how we want to grow as a community. The Comprehensive Plan is then used to develop regulations that set that vision in motion and to inform decisions about zoning changes, development applications, transportation investments, etc. The last time the Comprehensive Plan was updated was in 1995.

We are starting out the planning process by developing area plans for Asarco and for the areas surrounding new investments in transit terminals (Five Points Terminal, Remcon Circle and the Glory Road Road). We want everyone to be involved in this process to help set the vision for how these areas grow and develop. For more information about the schedule of events and how you can get involved, go to:

You have a choice to go to any of the planning sessions or if go to the Open Design Studio to provide one on one input to the design team.

Trowbridge Fire Station. Quick update on the proposal by the Fire Department to consolidate the Trowbridge Fire Station (#13) with the one on Alameda. We had a lively community meeting to discuss the proposal. Almost 400 people were in attendance and the overwhelming and adamant consensus was that the neighborhood wants to keep the Fire Station where it is. The neighborhood asked us to bring back the other option of keeping the fire stations where they are at and rebuilding them. I am pulling together a small group of neighborhood leaders to meet with the Fire Department to discuss both options side by side, looking at both service impacts and budget impacts. We will then present back our findings to the larger neighborhood group. After we do that, we will take the issue back to City Council for consideration, hopefully by the end of July or beginning of August. I will keep you updated as I know many of you were concerned.

Bridge Operations. If you have ideas about what we can do to improve bridge operations, making the secure movement of legal goods and people more efficient, please be sure to get involved. There will be a series of public meetings to solicit input and concerns from the public. If you are interested, check out the schedule at:

Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Looking for Big Brothers Big Sisters for 25 kids who live in the Triangle. Often referred to as the Devil's Triangle, this is a tough neighborhood. We are trying to build up social cohesion in the neighborhood, mostly by giving kids more things to do. We have added a Midnight Basketball program, a Basketball in the Barrio program and are rolling out some block parties. Big Brothers Big Sisters have 25 kids in this neighborhood who are on the waiting list for mentor and friend through this program. It is a twice a month commitment for a year that can mean a world of difference for a kid who is struggling to find a good path. If you are interested, contact Rosalinda Natividad at 546-2275, ext 4342. Tell her that Susie sent you. To get more information about the program, go to:

Well, I’ve probably loaded you up with too much information and too many things to do. Let me know what you need me to be working on and what are some issues that you think I should be paying attention to.

Take care.


City Council Representative, District 2

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