Monday, August 23, 2010

Fighting Chihuahuas Take "Silver" at First Park Olympics

Newmanista Susie Byrd prepares to slam the volleyball for a point

The Fighting Chihuahuas of Newman Park Neighborhood Association were just a tug of war match away from the gold . . . but it wasn't to be. Hosts, Mission Hills, walked away with some bragging rights as well as an invitation to come to Newman Park next year for a re-match.

The First Annual Park Olympics were the brainchild of George Saucedo (Saucedo Brothers Locksmiths on Texas Avenue), President of the Mission Hills Neighborhood Association. Kern Place and Rim Road also sent residents to participate and have a day of fun this past Saturday. The games ended with Mariachi music. Hot dogs and a smorgasbord of potluck dishes and sliced pizza fed the multitude. Insights El Paso Science Museum provided additional entertainment for children young and old.

Ori Coyle Dominguez gets set for the slip and slide contest

Valerie Friesenhahn and Hannah Hollandbyrd pull opponents to their side in tug-of-war

The Estradas came to have fun

Becky Friesenhahn and Lynn Coyle hanging and having a great time

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