Thursday, August 26, 2010

Report Graffiti

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Certainly graffiti is nothing new to the Newman Park area. Every now and then gangs from north and south of our neighborhood use alley walls, signs, utility boxes and garage doors in our area in their "tagging wars".

Now the City of El Paso has launched a new program to reduce and eradicate this form of vandalism. Here is the press release:

The City of El Paso has launched a new public outreach campaign, “Make a Difference – Report Graffiti.”

The campaign helps residents and businesses recognize the toll that graffiti takes on the community and offers an opportunity to take action. Graffiti vandalism is a community issue and not just a law enforcement one. The new campaign strives to engage citizens, businesses and the media into helping to abate graffiti by reporting it or removing as soon as it is discovered.

Educational materials regarding this public outreach campaign are available online at Please share the information with your organization.

Residents may request graffiti removal by contacting the City’s Department of Transportation Anti-Graffiti Program at (915) 621-6789. The City does not charge for this service. Priority is given to graffiti noticeable from the street. Graffiti in progress should be reported to the El Paso Police Department at 9-1-1.

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