Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Newman Park to Host 2011 Park Olympics

George Saucedo (far left) checks tires for the obstacle course

In a thank you email acknowledging the hard work of so many who made the First Annual Park Olympics a huge success, Mission Hills President George Saucedo accepted the invitation of Newman Park to host the 2011 Park Olympics:

To all,

Thank you all for being a part to the first ever Park Olympics, held for the 1st time at Mission Hills Park, a fun competition between neighborhoods, for our children and parents, for camaraderie and friendship.

Jim Tolbert remarked that this was my brainchild. Actually it was the brainchild of my daughter Madison, who, after attending one of our planning meetings said there should be more than just movie nights, Halloween parties, block parties, BBQ's, Mini-Dribbler camps, swim meets, etc.(you get the idea). I asked her, that if she was serious about this idea, she should put it down on paper and present it at the next board meeting. She outlined the general idea in a 2-page format, presented it and the rest was history. So obviously, my first "kudos" go to my daughter-THANK YOU!!

There are a lot of other people I'd like to thank as well:

Steve Yellen-your enthusiasm was relentless. When I first talked to you about this, you generated a slew of ideas and of course recommended the movie “The Kids who Saved Summer". No UTEP BB players showed, but we all understand that many of them were out of town and could not make it, maybe next year.

John Moye- for showing up to every meeting we had and bringing a small, but enthusiastic group, especially the Patanque group.

Lynn Coyle- for presenting the idea to the Newman Park board and handing this off to Jim Tolbert.

Bob Halter- for getting an email blast out to the Kern Place Assoc. at the last minute.

David and Denise from CroosFit/The Human Lab (on Doniphan Park Circle) for use of their tires and sand bags for the obstacle race.

Isaac Valles- for putting together the Super Slide(which I think was key to the success we had).

James Shaheen- who put BB together

Charlie Entebbe- who put soccer together

George Cisneros- for coming by to help us finish putting together the Super Slide/Obstacle Race competition.

To the board of the Mission Hills Park Association for not only bringing this all together, but helping where help was needed(organizationally, team captains, etc.).

Jim Tolbert of Newman Park- who enthusiastically brought a most formidable team to the Olympics, had them totally organized, helped where help was needed, competed fiercely and helped Newman Park to a 2nd Place finish.

Finally to Lisa, my wife and daughter Madison, who put up w/ all the planning and distraction, especially after being out of town in the week leading up to the Olympics.

Newman Park has graciously offered to host the 2011 Park Olympics. We will be there in force to defend our title and know that Kern and Rim will be there in force as well.

Thank you all again!

George Saucedo

Jim Tolbert, President of the Newman Park Neighborhood Association had previously emailed this thank you to Mr. Saucedo:

Hi George,

On behalf of the Newman Park Neighborhood Association and its Board of Directors, I thank you, the Mission Hills Neighborhood Association and its Board for a great get-together at Mission Hills Park this past Saturday. The First Annual Park Olympics – your brainchild – was a huge success and we all loved it and had a great time. We appreciate your hospitality and the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.

We wish to extend to you and your Association an invitation to the Second Annual Park Olympics at Newman Park next summer. We would like to see this become a valued tradition of our neighborhoods as well as Rim and Kern and perhaps others. We know that the Park Olympics is the “baby” of Mission Hills. We are so grateful to you for the idea and appreciative that you chose us to be part of it. We hope that you will favorably consider sharing the event by letting it travel to a different neighborhood where possible each year.

Accept our invitation for hosting the Olympics next summer along with our thanks for a great day of fun.

All the best to you and yours.

Jim H. Tolbert

Fighting Chihuahuas: Get ready for 2011!
Fighting Chihuahuas take on Mission Hills in first volley ball game of the Olympics

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