Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mayfield Wildscape Feathered Friends

"Mom and Pop" Gambel's Quail at Mayfield Wildscape

The "Youngster"

Donna Stephens described the following experience as "just another beautiful part of our neighborhood":

"Wednesday morning while driving the rolling hills of the Newmanista Vista Bonita, I had to come to a quick stop as these quail were walking across the street heading for the shelter of the cactus and it's red fruit. I sat for several minutes watching the lead bird guide the youngster as they picked at the cactus fruit and climbed to the top of the wildscape towards Mayfield. I drove up the hill and there that little fellow stood tall and proud on the curb. I was able to get off a couple of shots before they all flew off. It seemed there were several of them hiding. I was too slow and missed the flight of the quail."

For more information about Gambel's Quail including their bird call, go here.

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