Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoppers Find Plenty of Goodies at NPNA Yard Sales

Visitors find plenty of goodies at the Wester-Perez yard sale

For the second year in a row, the Newman Park Neighborhood Association promoted the yard sales of members. Some homes even jumped in at the last moment to add to the number of opportunities people had to purchase some very special items.

Thanks go to board member, Lisa Degliantoni, who coordinated and advertised the event. Her parents visiting from California pitched in and got the word out the local businesses along Piedras. Becky Ayala is the former board member whose idea it was to hold yearly yard sales promoted by NPNA. Once again she procured advertisement for the event on the large Western Refinery I-10 digital sign.

Lisa Degliantoni and sons, Louie and Miles, at their yard sale

Hannah Hollandbyrd offers a map to the yard sales while Sally Sauli gives a friendly welcome

Big thanks go to Hannah Hollandbyrd and Sally Sauli who passed out water and maps to the yard sales to interested visitors and shoppers.

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